17 Ways Capricorns Like to Be Kissed and Shown Affection

17 Ways Capricorns Like To Be Kissed And Shown Affection

Capricorns have a reputation for being ambitious, hardworking, and serious – but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy affection and intimacy like anyone else. As one of the most complex zodiac signs, Capricorns can be hard to read when it comes to romance. However, with patience and understanding, you can learn how to show a Capricorn you care through physical touch.

17 ways to kiss and connect with your Capricorn partner.

Where Do Capricorns Like to Be Kissed?

One of the best places to start kissing a Capricorn is on their neck. Capricorns are very sensual signs who enjoy having their erogenous zones teased. Gentle, lingering kisses along the neck can help a Capricorn relax and get in the mood. It allows them to release control and melt into your embrace. Pay special attention to the pulse points along the neck and behind the ears for maximum effect. The neck is an intimate area that helps Capricorns feel cherished when kissed by the right person.

17 Ways Capricorns Like To Be Kissed And Shown Affection

How Do Capricorns Like to Kiss?

While passionate, Capricorns don’t like kissing that is too aggressive or sloppy. They prefer kissing that is deep, slow, intimate, and meaningful. Gaze into their eyes as you kiss them to build an emotional connection. Caress their cheeks, neck or hair with gentle strokes to complement the kiss. Use your lips and tongue to explore theirs in a sensual, unrushed manner. Capricorns want to savor each moment of intimacy and feel truly appreciated by their partner. Taking your time with kisses helps them feel valued on an soulful level.

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When A Capricorn Man Kisses You In Public

Public displays of affection make many Capricorns feel uncomfortable, as they tend to be private signs. However, a Capricorn man who kisses his partner sweetly yet discreetly in public truly cares about her. For example, a quick kiss on the cheek or peck on the lips as you’re parting ways shows his affection without being over-the-top. It demonstrates that he is proud to be with his partner while still honoring his natural reserve. Public kissing allows a Capricorn man to express intimacy on his own terms in appropriate settings.

How To Kiss A Capricorn Man

The best way to kiss a Capricorn man is with tenderness, care, and passion. Maintain eye contact as your lips meet to forge that emotional bond. Caress his strong jawline or run your fingers through his hair to let him know you find him attractive. Use your tongue to deepen the kiss but avoid being too aggressive. Capricorn men like to set the pace and will appreciate you following their lead intimately. Convey through your kiss that you admire his strength yet desire that vulnerable side he reserves just for you. Kiss him in a way that helps him escape life’s stresses and truly unwind.

Where Does A Capricorn Man Like To Be Kissed?

In addition to their neck, Capricorn men enjoy having their shoulders and upper back kissed. This region carries much tension for them due to their hardworking nature and heavy responsibilities. Gentle kisses placed along the shoulders and massaged into the upper back help melt away a Capricorn’s stress. It allows them to fully release the weight they carry and receive the caring touch they may rarely treat themselves to. Tracing your lips over their muscular shoulders or pressing a kiss to their back as they lay facing away relaxes a Capricorn deeply. Make this region a special focus when kissing them.

17 Ways Capricorns Like To Be Kissed And Shown Affection

Do Capricorns Like Kissing?

While not the most outwardly affectionate sign, Capricorns do enjoy kissing – as long as it is with the right person. They see intimacy as a sacred bond rather than just a physical act. For Capricorns, kissing is about the emotional connection and feeling understood by their lover. When a Capricorn finds someone they trust completely who respects their natural reserve, few signs can match their passion. Give a Capricorn time to let their walls down and provide reassurance through caring kisses that you want to genuinely know them. With patience and understanding, Capricorns will show their affectionate side and appreciate kissing as a bonding experience.

How Do Capricorns Like To Be Kissed?

Overall, Capricorns like kisses that demonstrate care, thoughtfulness, and deep feeling. They want to feel truly valued by their partner. Some additional ways to kiss a Capricorn include:

  • Slowly and sensually. Rushes of passion don’t appeal as much as intimacy taken one moment at a time.
  • With eye contact. It builds an emotional connection they crave.
  • With caresses. Gentle strokes along their face, neck or back heighten sensations.
  • In private settings initially. Ease them into public displays of affection.
  • With words of admiration. Compliments mixed with kisses make them feel cherished.
  • Wherever tension is held. Shoulders, upper back, and neck need attention.
  • However feels natural in the moment. Go with the flow instead of being mechanical.

The best kisses for a Capricorn are ones where you demonstrate your deep care, understanding and willingness to comfort them fully through physical and emotional intimacy.

When A Capricorn Man Kisses Your Neck

If a Capricorn man starts kissing and nibbling your neck, it means he finds you very attractive and desires you. Neck kissing is an intimate act for this reserved sign. By trailing his lips down your neck, a Capricorn shows his softer side and seeks to pleasure you through building arousal. It also allows him to surrender to passion and release his self-control. Enjoy the attention and reciprocate by running your fingers through his hair or caressing his strong jawline. A neck kiss from a Capricorn man expresses not only lust but care, appreciation and a strong emotional connection to his partner.

17 Ways Capricorns Like To Be Kissed And Shown Affection


Capricorns may have a serious reputation, but with the right lover who understands them, they can be affectionate and sensual partners. The key is showing care, patience, empathy and taking time with intimacy. Focus kisses on areas like the neck, shoulders and back to alleviate tension or wherever they hold stress. Maintain eye contact and convey deep feelings through slow, intimate lip-locks. With understanding and effort, you can learn how to kiss a Capricorn in a way that helps them feel cherished, relaxed and willing to fully open up their hearts.


Q: What principles guide Capricorn affection?
A: Capricorns are guided by principles of intimacy demonstrating deep care, understanding, trust and willingness to comfort their partner fully through physical and emotional bonds.

Q: Why do displays of affection matter to Capricorns?
A: Displays of affection matter to Capricorns because they want to feel truly valued, understood and cared for by their romantic partner. Physical intimacy helps them forge unbreakable emotional connections.

Q: Who inspired your understanding of Capricorn traits?
A: Authors like Rosemary Guiley who wrote “The Complete Book of Astrology” and astrologers like Aliza Kelly who runs the website “Allure Astrology” have provided valuable insights about the Capricorn personality.

Q: How can you ease a Capricorn’s natural reserve?
A: By giving them space when needed, showing patience, empathy and compassion, avoiding demands and respecting their boundaries, partners can help Capricorns feel safe to gradually lower their defenses.

Q: Where is Capricorn passion most evident?
A: When Capricorns find a deeply caring, trustworthy partner, few signs can match their passion and willingness to be intimate, affectionate companions through emotionally-bonding physical acts like slow, sensual kissing.

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