19 Smart Strategies to beat Aries man at his own game

19 Smart Strategies To Beat Aries Man At His Own Game

Aries men have a reputation for being competitive and enjoying a good challenge. However, how to beat aries man at his own game? Their competitive nature can sometimes manifest as mind games in relationships. This article will explore ways for women to turn the tables on an Aries man by outwitting him at his own game. But do do aries man play mind games for fun or out of genuine need?

How to play an Aries Man at his own game

Evolution of Aries Men’s Gaming Tendencies

The roots of an Aries man’s proclivity for games can be traced back to early human evolutionary psychology. As hunter-gatherers, our male ancestors evolved to compete aggressively for access to scarce resources and mating opportunities. Over time, as society developed and monogamy became the norm, these competitive instincts were channeled into more cerebral games and tests of one’s partner rather than direct physical competition.

In modern times, an Aries man still carries these ancient drives to challenge and prove himself as a “winner.”┬áHis games serve to boost his already inflated ego and reassure himself of his desirability through creating situations where he feels he has the upper hand. However, as relationship dynamics have progressed to become more egalitarian, Aries men must learn how to play mind games with an aries man are no longer effective for forming lasting bonds.

19 Smart Strategies To Beat Aries Man At His Own Game

Table 1: Common Games Played by Aries Men

Game Name Description Purpose
Hard to Get Withdrawing attention to create intrigue Generate interest and chase through perceived scarcity
Bait and Switch Flirting with others to provoke jealousy Boost ego through creating desire and competition
Push and Pull Alternating between affection and distance Maintain control and prevent partner from getting too comfortable
Questioning Loyalty Accusing partner of disloyalty Reinforce commitment through manufactured “tests” of fidelity
Moving Goalposts Changing rules or raising stakes Keep partner and relationship in a constant state of having to prove itself


Key Figures that Have Shaped Aries Men’s Gaming Behavior

While Aries men have likely engaged in games and tests of will since prehistoric times, some modern thought leaders have helped shape and give language to these tendencies. For example, influential pickup artist Ross Jeffries popularized many of the “bait and switch” and “push-pull” techniques in the 1980s. Similarly, bestselling author Robert Greene‘s books like “The Art of Seduction” and “The 48 Laws of Power” laid out strategies for psychological manipulation that some Aries men have incorporated into their relationship playbooks.

More recently, the rise of the internet and social media has given Aries endless new avenues like online dating to engage their competitive instincts through gaming multiple prospects at once. Overall, these figures have both reflected and reinforced Aries men’s innate drives rather than curbed their more toxic behaviors.

Fundamental Aspects that Define the Aries Male Gaming Experience

At their core, the games Aries men play all serve two fundamental psychological needs – the need to win and feel in control as well as the need to constantly prove themselves through challenges and tests of will. Their Martian energy demands action, stimulation, and a sense of conquest. Games provide all this while stroking the Aries ego. Some key characteristics of Aries gaming include:

  • Performative Nature: Games are as much about boosting Aries’ self-image as they are about the relationship. Success or failure reflects directly on his sense of masculinity.
  • Thrill of the Unknown: Aries crave excitement, surprise, and unpredictability. Games inject mystery, intrigue, and uncertainty that prevents the relationship from getting stale or predictable.
  • Dominance: At their root, Aries games are about asserting control and dominance over their partner’s emotions and actions. Winning validates Aries’ alpha male identity.
  • One-Uppedness: Aries constantly seek to “one up” their partner through escalating games and challenges to maintain a position of superiority.

19 Smart Strategies To Beat Aries Man At His Own Game

How to Outwit an Aries Man at His Own Game

  1. Refuse to Play: The best way to beat an Aries man at his own game is not to engage at all. Do not rise to jealous provocations or accusations. Calmly state you will not participate in games meant to disrespect or destabilize the relationship.
  2. Out-Compete Him: Challenge the Aries man to friendly competitions to satisfy his competitive urges in healthy ways, like sports or video games. Beat him occasionally to keep him on his toes.
  3. Reverse Psychology: When Aries pulls away, pursue him more attentively. When he’s attentive, act busy or indifferent. Flip the script so he can’t predict your reactions.
  4. One-Up Him: Take the games to the next level by escalating stakes even higher so Aries gets a taste of his own medicine. But don’t damage the relationship – keep games lighthearted.
  5. Be Mysterious: Withhold details about yourself or flirt with mystery to mirror Aries’ own tactics. Let him wonder about you to build intrigue and attraction on your terms.
  6. Call Him Out: If Aries is in denial about playing games, calmly confront him with specific examples. Challenge him to drop the act for the sake of the relationship.
  7. Make Him Jealous: Flirt innocently with other guys to give Aries a dose of his own medicine. But don’t actually engage – jealousy games can backfire.
  8. Give Mixed Signals: Keep Aries guessing through hot and cold behavior. Be affectionate one moment and aloof the next to mirror his push-pull style.
  9. Withdraw Attention: When Aries is testing you, act busy with your own life. Respond slowly to messages to simulate disinterest and regain power in the dynamic.
  10. Make Him Work: If Aries pulls away, don’t immediately chase. Make him pursue and woo you to reverse the roles and satisfy his competitive nature.
  11. Control Information: Withhold personal details and keep Aries wanting more. Parcel out information slowly to maintain an air of mystery and intrigue on your terms.
  12. Set Boundaries: Calmly but firmly establish what behaviors you will/won’t accept. Aries will respect a strong woman who won’t be manipulated by games.
  13. Compliment Sincerely: Stroke Aries’ ego through honest praise and recognition to satisfy his need for admiration in a healthy way.
  14. Validate His Masculinity: Affirm Aries’ strengths, successes, and positive qualities to reinforce his manhood without games or tests being necessary.
  15. Be Independent: Maintain interests and activities outside the relationship so Aries knows you can’t be taken for granted. Independence is attractive to an Aries.
  16. Stay Unfazed: Do not show anger or hurt over games. Respond to provocations with calm, confident energy so Aries loses power over your emotions.
  17. Lead With Logic: When games escalate, appeal to Aries’ rational side through logical discussion of needs, boundaries, and healthy solutions.
  18. Suggest Counseling: If games damage trust, propose counseling to find resolution. Aries respects directness and may respond well with guidance.
  19. Leave Him Wanting More: When withholding attention or information, do so strategically to keep Aries interested without fully satisfying his competitive urges.

In conclusion, with patience and strategy, an intelligent woman can absolutely outwit an Aries man at his own game by using his own techniques against him. The key is to challenge Aries’ ego without damaging the relationship, satisfy his competitive spirit through alternative outlets, and establish confident leadership to take back control of the dynamic. With effort, an Aries’ games need not define the relationship.

19 Smart Strategies To Beat Aries Man At His Own Game


Q: What motivates an Aries man to play games?

A: Aries men are motivated by a primal need to win, feel in control, and constantly prove themselves through challenges.

Q: Why do Aries men engage in push-pull behavior?

A: The push-pull is a classic Aries gaming technique meant to maintain an aura of unpredictability and dominance.

Q: Who are some notable figures that exhibit Aries’ competitive nature?

A: Throughout history, many influential figures known for their courage, ambition, and competitive drive have been Aries sun signs.

Q: How can an Aries man’s competitive nature be channeled positively?

A: Redirecting these energies outward onto shared interests builds connection rather than creating unnecessary tests between partners.

Q: Where do Aries men’s games often originate?

A: Understanding these developmental roots is key for an Aries working to transform toxic gaming impulses into healthier outlets.

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